Specializing In Home Improvements
Fulton Construction, Inc. 1001 Fell Street Baltimore, MD 21231 443-463-4775
Fulton Construction is MHIC Lisenced & Fully Insured.

About Us


We have been delighting our clients for more than two decades and are grateful that most of our new business comes from recommendations of our satisfied clients. We recognize that you have many choices when selecting the right company for your remodeling needs.  We would appreciate you contacting us to discuss your project before making your final decision.


Fulton Construction is fully insured and has a MHIC license, which covers home improvement work such as alterations, repairs and remodeling. All our team members are experienced professionals.  All plumbing and electrical work will be done by licensed master plumbers and electricians.


Our team has extensive experience in home improvement services, especially when it comes to the challenges found in old Baltimore area homes.  We know that sometimes you find unexpected things behind old walls and in old basements.  We work with you to address these challenges in a cost-effective and quality manner.


But, that’s not what makes us stand out from the competition. What makes us Fulton Construction different is our track record of exceeding our clients’ expectations for quality, providing on-time and on-budget projects while keeping the lines of communication open between you and us during every step of every project. Our experience has taught us that personal service not only provides you peace of mind but saves you time and money.